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The results of the Cincinnati chapter of the American Advertising Awards is first unveiled during the annual awards ceremony, a night of celebration and connection.

The ceremony this year is happening March 1st, at Memorial Hall in Over The Rhine. Please join us for light bites, drinks, and much celebrating. Revenue raised from ticket sales go directly to supporting your local Ad Club.

After the ceremony concludes, the winners will be contacted via email to discuss the next phase of the competition. We hope to see you at the ceremony!

$75.00 AdClub members

$90.00 Guest Ticket (non-members)

$15.00 Student Ticket (STUDENTS ONLY!)

$70.00 Groups of 10 Tickets



Judges only have context about the work you're submitting that is within your submission. If you don't include it, they won't know about it.  We encourage entrants to include a well designed .pdf that outlines their efforts, results, or any important information the judges should consider when viewing your work. This is also a great place to highlight your DEI efforts, which may make you applicable for other awards within the competition. It is best to keep your supporting document brief, and well designed for comprehension, as the judges are not required to review the entire document, but may choose to when seeking context about your submission.


We highly recommend including a .jpg formatted to 1920x1080 or 3840x2160 that encapsulates your submitted work. Think of this as a thumbnail, or preview image for your project. For award winners, this .jpg will be used during the ceremony to represent your work, and may appear in the show book as well.

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