Welcome to the 2021 ADDYs!

This year is all about giving back to the businesses that got us through.

Call for entries
Entry Deadline
January 15, 2021
Entry Deadlines (with Late Fee):
January 16-29, 2021

Save the Queen

It’s time to share the gold: 

A portion of the proceeds to this year’s ADDYs will help support a local small business your agency or organization loves. 

So do it for the deli. 

Or the dive bar. Or the art store. Or the production house.

The royal treatment

If selected, a local business—of your agency's choice— share the spotlight at this year’s virtual ceremony, and receive a free ad in the official winner’s book. In fact, picking up a book at one of these local hotspots is the only way to get your hands on a physical copy.

Rules and categories
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How to get started

  1. Review the categories

  2. Submit your work

  3. Fill out Manifest

  4. Pay your entry fees

  5. Nominate a local business

  6. Celebrate with us in March

  7. Save the Queen

Most Asked


"I can't log in with my AAF Cincinnati login!"

Yes. This is a different program. You need a unique login for this platform! And yes, we agree, they should be connected. But they're not.

Second Most

Asked Question:

"What if I enter in the wrong category?"

If the judges and the committee feel as if you have entered your work in the wrong category, we will change your entry and put it into the right category.