The 2022 American
Advertising Awards

It's time to enter the 2022 American Advertising Awards. To recognize and reward the best of Cincinnati creative. To compete, commiserate and commingle. To choose who'll go home empty-handed and who'll go on to fight another day.

Can you dig it?

Here's what to do:

  1. Review the categories of battle.

  2. Choose your fighters.

  3. Write your manifesto.

  4. Pay the cost of entry.

  5. Show up and watch it all go down in March.

Call for entries

Entry Deadline EXTENDED!

January 18, 2022

Entry Deadline (with Late Fee): 
January 27, 2022


Rules and categories:
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Most Asked Question:

"I can't log in with my AAF Cincinnati login!"

Yes. This is a different program. You need a unique login for this platform! And yes, we agree, they should be connected.
But they're not.
Second Most Asked Question:

"What if I enter in the wrong category?"

If the judges and the committee feel as if you have entered your work in the wrong category, we will change your entry and put it into the right category.
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