Carl Koestner
Associate Creative Director
Burrell Communications
Chicago, Illinois

Carl grew up on the mean streets of Burlington, Iowa. The youngest of 7, his father ran his own electrical contracting business for over 30 years, but since Carl found changing light bulbs challenging, following in Dad’s footsteps was not an option.


After all, he did grow up on Madison Avenue. And even in Burlington, Iowa, that pretty much meant a career in advertising was most likely in his future. 


After 4 years of pitching baseballs in college, he gave up dream #1, which consisted of pitching for the St. Louis Cardinals and moved on to dream #2, pitching big ideas in even bigger corporate boardrooms.


Ironically, throughout childhood, Carl’s family and friends continually asked, “Where on earth will watching all that TV get you in life?” Little did they know it would lay the groundwork for him to create memorable ad campaigns for some of the most well known brands on earth, on the biggest stages in pop culture, such as The Super Bowl, The Olympics, The Grammys —and in the pages of the favorite magazine issue of every 12-year-old boy in America—the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


When he’s not losing sleep searching for that elusive big idea, or trying to find the perfect font, you can find him at home with his wife Shelli, daughter Lexie, family cat Walter (Orange Tabby)  and rescues Betsy (Terrier Mix), Darby (Ridgeback-Hound mix), Ellis (Yorkshire Terrier), Georgia (Bagle Hound) and Oscar (Corgi mix).


In those rare times he has to himself he enjoys watching TV, (duh) obsessing over his beloved St. Louis Cardinals and salivating at the nearest Apple store.


Carl works on the Walmart, McDonald’s and Toyota accounts at Burrell.